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  •    weekly mass intentions

    Sat. June 15th
    5pm - For the Parishioners who reside at Misericordia Nursing & Rehab Center and for the Staff that Care for them

    Sun. June 16th
    8am - For the people
    10am - † Bob Boch (A Watters) 

    Tue. June 18th
    8am - † Charles Snelbaker (CCW)

    Wed. June 19th
    6pm - † Victor Lombardo (Yeager) 

    Thu. June 20th
    8am - † Agatha Papa (Papa) 

    Fri. June 21st
    8am - † Judith Barbush (Mansbergers) 

    Sat. June 22nd
    5pm - † William Grove (CCW) 

    Sun. June 23rd
    8am - Karlyn Lewis (Fisher) 
    10am - For the People 

  • Bp. Barron's Reflections